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Eating Disorders


Help for self-help via the internet has a positive effect on eating disorders, shows a new, systematic overview.

This writes

They go on to say:

The Internet can be used for more than websites and blogs that glorify anorexia and bulimia. A new study now shows that online approaches can help people who suffer from various eating disorders and who want improvement.

A brief summary of the research findings:

  • Online measures had a medium to large effect in overeating and bulimia.
  • The Internet group had a higher incidence of abstinence in all the studies included in the survey, compared with the control group. 
  • Six studies also included follow-up. Five of these found that the positive effect of the measure persisted and in some cases, increased during the follow-up period.

They conclude

Our findings confirm that internet-based measures that use guided self-help can be helpful for people with eating disorders. 



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