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Learning and mastery center (mental health and substance abuse). Oslo #

Specialist health service


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Published to: 2034-08-07 20:53:00
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A learning and mastery center (LMS) has various courses for people with chronic diseases and disabilities, as well as their relatives.

Alna (Oslo) Bjerke (Oslo) Frogner (Oslo) Gamle Oslo Grorud (Oslo) Grünerløkka (Oslo) Nordre Aker (Oslo) Nordstrand (Oslo) Sagene (Oslo) St. Hanshaugen (Oslo) Stovner (Oslo) Oslo (Søndre Nordstrand) Ullern (Oslo) Vestre Aker (Oslo) Østensjø (Oslo)


Type of difficulty Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Autism
Type of help Mastery offer
Type of organizer Specialist health service

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