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It can be difficult to know where to turn for psychological help and what help services are available. We make it easier to seek psychological help.

Here you will find shortcuts to more information about help in your municipality:



Mental issues

mental problems mobile


Find help for anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, and other mental health problems. This includes municipal mental health services, mental health care for children and young people, mental health care for adults, school health services, and much more. 

Kommunale psykiske hjelpetilbud. Hitra

Hjelp fra psykisk helsevern. Hitra

Private hjelpetilbud. Hitra

Frivillige / ideelle hjelpetilbud. Hitra

Mestringskurs. Hitra

Helplines etc.


Facts about getting help with mental health problems

It is common with mental difficulties and disorders. according to almost half of everyone in Norway will have mental difficulties or disorders during their lifetime. The most common difficulties are: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Drug problems

 In addition, there are a good number who experience difficulties in relation to:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Trauma disorders such as PTSD
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Self-harm
  • Other mental ailments



Your GP can give you treatment for mild and moderate mental illness and refer you on. Your GP will help you get in touch with mental health services and other services in the municipality or refer you to a psychologist, specialists at a district psychiatric center, psychiatric clinics, or hospital. If mental disorders are suspected, the doctor has the opportunity to refer to:

  • Child and adolescent psychiatric outpatient clinics (BUP) - for children and adolescents
  • Adult Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic (DPS) - for adults


Other services

Other services that are relevant are:

  • Family House or other interdisciplinary services in the municipality
  • The wellness centers
  • Psychologist in the municipality
  • Outreach team for complex substance abuse and mental disorders
  • Rapid mental health care
  • Health station and school health service (for children and young people)

 Talk to your doctor or other professionals in your municipality for guidance on who can best help you and your family.



Intoxication and addiction 

intoxication and addiction mobile


Find out about treatment, coping services and relatives' services for drug and other addictions. This includes municipal rust measures, treatment in the specialist health service, and relatives' services.

Kommunale rustilbud. Hitra

Rusbehandling. Hitra

Pårørendetilbud ved rus. Hitra


Facts about getting help with substance abuse problems

It is common with mental difficulties and disorders. writes: "Contact the unit for substance abuse work in the municipality or the GP if you need help with a substance abuse problem."

They also write:

"Intoxication work can be organized differently in different municipalities. In some places, the intoxication services are located in NAV, in other places in their own intoxication service or in a joint intoxication and mental health service." 

Key tasks for the municipality's rush assistance are to offer:

  • treatment and rehabilitation services
  • practical assistance and training
  • place in institution
  • financial benefits and work-oriented measures
  • offer of temporary housing
  • help to provide housing for the disadvantaged in the housing market

There are also various relatives' offers for families, some of whom are affected by substance abuse problems. 

Talk to your doctor or other professionals in your municipality for guidance on who can best help you and your family.



Learning difficulties

learning disabilities mobile


Find relevant help services for learning difficulties and challenges related to school / kindergarten. This includes educational-psychological services, other support services, and various resources to aid in better learning.

Hjelpetilbud ved lærevansker. Hitra


Facts about getting help with learning disabilities

Some children and young people struggle in their everyday lives, and have difficulty getting sufficient benefit from the daycare or school offer. Then there may be a need to obtain help from the educational-psychological service (PPT).

PPT shall ensure that children, pupils and adults in need of special educational assistance in kindergarten or special education in school receive an inclusive, equal and adapted offer. There are somewhat different routines for referral to PPT in different municipalities. 

Talk to employees in the kindergarten or school, or contact PPT, for guidance on how far your child / youth can benefit from help from PPT.

There are also other current offers for learning disabilities, such as course offers at Statped, and online resources. Often young people with learning difficulties will have complex difficulties and may need help from other services. 



Relationships and family

relationships and family mobile


Find help for the relationship and difficulties in families. This includes family protection offices, family services (in some municipalities), and help and support services for family difficulties. You will also find an overview of cohabitation courses, anger management courses, and parenting courses. 

Familieveiledningstilbud. Hitra

Samlivskurs. Hitra

Sinnemestringskurs. Hitra

Foreldrekurs. Hitra

Praktisk hjelp / avlastningstilbud. Hitra


Facts about getting help with problems in relationships and family

Challenges in relationships or in the family can be about many different relationships. Some current issues are: 

  • Dissatisfaction / poor communication in the relationship
  • Problems related to anger management in the family
  • Difficulties related to parenting
  • Stresses due to burdensome care tasks or intoxication / illness in the family

There are various services that can be helpful when you and your family are experiencing such difficulties. Some key services in this context are:

  • Family House (or other interdisciplinary services in the municipality)
  • The family protection offices
  • Other services that offer relevant mastery offers

Feel free to contact your GP or other professionals in your municipality to get information about current offers. 



Stressful life situations

stressful life situations mobile


Find help offers related to stressful life situations such as violence, abuse, bullying and death in a network / family. This includes the child welfare service, crisis centers, centers against incest and sexual abuse, support services for bullying, and mourning groups.

Vold i nære relasjoner. Hitra

Omsorgssvikt / bekymring for barn. Hitra

Seksuelle overgrep. Hitra

Mobbing. Hitra

Sorg etter dødsfall / selvmord. Hitra

Pårørendetilbud ved sykdom. Hitra


Facts about getting help in stressful life situations

In many cases, mental disorders and difficulties are triggered by stressful life situations and it may therefore be relevant to seek help for mental disorders (see fact box above).

Other times, it is the stressful life situation itself that needs to be addressed, or it may need help to deal with natural reactions (not mental disorders) that come in the wake of such stresses. An example of this can be grief groups or support measures for generally stressful life situations such as living with a disability / illness in the family.

Examples of services that are relevant in relation to stressful life situations are:

  • The child welfare service
  • Shelters / incest centers
  • Support or information offers related to bullying
  • Coping offers related to grief after death (eg grief groups)
  • Relatives' offers for stress in the family

Feel free to talk to your doctor, or other professionals in your municipality, for guidance on who can best help you and your family.


PS: In very serious situations:

  • writes: "Do you think that the condition is dangerous or can easily become so, you should immediately call emergency medical 113" (read more).
  • The police write: "Use the emergency number (112) only in case of emergency and need immediate help." (read more).


Lifestyle, diet and sleep

lifestyle new mobile


Find support and coping opportunities that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. This includes a wellness center (in many municipalities) and other offers aimed at physical activity, diet, stress management, or difficulty sleeping.

Hjelp til en sunnere livsstil. Hitra


Facts about getting help with lifestyle changes

Many municipalities have wellness centers that can assist residents to achieve greater coping in everyday life through adapted physical activity, dietary guidance, snus / smoking cessation courses, or other coping options such as coping with depression / stress, or offers aimed at sleep difficulties. Low-threshold services such as Rapid mental health care in the municipality can also assist with such changes.

Other services can also help break out of unhealthy living habits and provide help related to, for example, physical activity and stress management. 

Talk to your doctor or other professionals in your municipality for guidance on who can best help you.



Courses and conferences

course conference mobile


At hjá you will also find a number of courses that are aimed at professionals in the support system and schools / kindergartens. This includes individual courses / conferences, educational programs / skills development, and online courses.

Kurs / konferanser. Hitra

Utdanning / kompetanseheving. Hitra

Online courses


Facts about courses / conferences

There are a large number of providers of courses, conferences, and educations / skills development in the field of mental health, substance abuse and child welfare. These courses are typically aimed at employees in different parts of the support system, school or kindergartens. Some courses are also aimed at private individuals. 

The regional competence centers

An important player for courses and skills development is the regional competence centers:

  • Regional Competence Center for Violence, Traumatic Stress, and Suicide Prevention (RVTS)
  • Regional knowledge center for children and young people (RKBU / RBUP)
  • Regional competence center in the field of intoxicants (KoRus)

These services have the mandate to be "a service for the services" and assist employees in municipal services and the specialist health service with dissemination of knowledge, research and skills development. The centers have different focal points in relation to which topics are most central.

In addition, there are also several other regional and / or national competence environments that offer current courses and training.

Other course organizers

Other course organizers include private services and / or voluntary or non-profit organizations that organize seminars and courses. 

Online courses  

Eventually, there are also a good number of online courses that may be relevant.

Feel free to take a look's course portal to get a better overview of upcoming courses / conferences.


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